Wooden Pool Assembly

Swimming Pool Services

Wooden Pool Assembly from £1195

If you buy a wooden pool from us we can assemble it for £1195 (+ £1 per mile travelling).

Before we can assemble your pool you will need to have the concrete base laid with (if required) the steel braces set into the base. We will then fully assemble, plumb your pool and then test all pipes using the pool pump. When we have completed this a qualified electrician can connect the wires up to pump, heater and light.

The pool will usually take 3 days to assemble, fill and test but we do leave it so you can use it straight away. Full training will be given on pool operation, pool maintenance and pool chemicals.

Please contact us for details.

Pool opening & closing

Open Up & Close Down

Athena can get your swimming pool ready for summer and closing down for the winter, prices start from £150.00 per visit. Please book in advance for the open up as spring is our busiest time of year

Swimming Pool Repairs

Swimming Pool Repairs

Athena can replace broken & faulty items, pool pumps, lights, filters etc right up to full swimming pool refurbishments. Please contact us to discuss the work you require.

Pool Liner Replacement

Swimming Pool Liner Replacement

After many years of enjoyable use your swimming pool liner will start to get brittle and crack .When this happens it won’t be long before you start losing water. Athena can replace liners in most pools with 20 thou (.375mm) or 30 thou (.5mm) thick new vinyl liner.

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